Our Mission
to improve communities
in the Pennsylvania Oil Region
through our expertise in technology and technology education.
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What we're focusing on right now:

Tech For Seniors

Oil Region Tech’s Tech For Seniors program offers compassionate tech instruction to area senior citizens. We work with any tech devices and love helping seniors find confidence and empowerment through learning new tech skills.

Tech For Teens

Oil Region tech has responded to the community’s need for quality tech and STEM educational opportunities for youth. We’re creating engaging, enriching experiences for young folks all the time! Ask us what we’ve got going on today!

Digital Literacy (all ages)

Oil Region Tech offers personalized instruction to help learners of all ages. We can align your learning path with state standards for digital literacy or custom-tailor a course of study for your needs and devices.


Our projects are already benefiting communities in the area. And we're only just getting started!

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